Monday, October 10, 2011

Total Switch

After running Phinx for a while now on my netbook and since i joined up with Kori on the Phinx Desktop site plus forum, i decided to install it also on my laptop.
So both of my machines are running Phinx now. This is my current desktop layout on the laptop:


I use the standard iconset that comes pre-installed with Phinx, the theme is Shiki Brave and i changed the font to Liberation Sans size 9. I set Alpha of both panels to 80 making it a bit darker but still translucent.
Also i installed some other applications like Firefox and Thunderbird, Asunder, Orage, Pidgin, Xchat, Gimp and Audacious because they fill in my main needs.

Phinx, with Xfce as it's desktop environment and PCLinuxOS at it's base, is a great system and with Ubuntu's Unity around plus Gnome 3 coming up more and more which turn some users away, it's also a great alternative for people who want to keep a more similar, familiar, easy to use and configurable desktop environment like Gnome 2.

Remember the previous article, the focus on the Phinx Desktop is in staying a pure Xfce environment. That's where my focus will also go to, using some apps that are recommended for the Xfce environment and trying to learn some more about Phinx and Xfce.

Xfce Recommende Apps

What can i say more... I'm a 100%

now and i'm proud of it. It's been a while since i enjoyed using a Linux distibution but this one is it for me.

Also a nice surprize, Kori has uploaded some additional wallpapers on the Phinx forum in courtesy of HD Wallpapers which also feature the new Phinx Desktop logo:

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