Thursday, March 15, 2012

Phinx Desktop Testers Google Group

We decided to create a Phinx Desktop Testers google group for reporting bugs and feedback. The groupforum is only for the Phinx Desktop test iso's like the recently released 2012.03 RC1.

In that way we can keep track on bugs and feedback in a more cleaner way.

Every one who is interested in testing can download the 2012.03 RC1 and is free to join in on the group.

For help and support on the current 2011.08 iso please use the main Phinx Desktop forum.

Enjoy testing and see you on the Phinx Desktop Testers group.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Phinx Desktop 2012.3 RC1 Released

Our head developer and maintainer of the Phinx Desktop project, Kori, has announced the availability of Phinx Desktop 2012-03 RC1.

RC1 Announcement

It includes a whole set of new wallpapers, with some of them provided by a great guy and forum member, who i call "The Master of Themes" or better "The Master of Theming", lkj.

There is also a new set of themes to be found in the RC1 next to the Phinx 2011 theme:

-Phinx Azure
-Phinx Chalk
-Phinx Ocre
-Phinx Slate

And it has a new icon theme: Faience. Which has been adjusted and split up into other icon themes to match the new Phinx themes:

-Faience Azur
-Faience Claire
-Faience Dark
-Faience Ocre

The menu icon has changed too to fit the branding of the Phinx Desktop.

Go ahead, download it for a spin and further testing.

Phinx Desktop 2012.3 RC1 Download

Make sure to check the md5sum after you downloaded the iso.

MD5SUM: 2369f281e189ea769a6cc43542cd9c95

All feedback is welcome on the forum:

RC1 Feedback topic

Enjoy and have fun testing.