Sunday, March 11, 2012

Phinx Desktop 2012.3 RC1 Released

Our head developer and maintainer of the Phinx Desktop project, Kori, has announced the availability of Phinx Desktop 2012-03 RC1.

RC1 Announcement

It includes a whole set of new wallpapers, with some of them provided by a great guy and forum member, who i call "The Master of Themes" or better "The Master of Theming", lkj.

There is also a new set of themes to be found in the RC1 next to the Phinx 2011 theme:

-Phinx Azure
-Phinx Chalk
-Phinx Ocre
-Phinx Slate

And it has a new icon theme: Faience. Which has been adjusted and split up into other icon themes to match the new Phinx themes:

-Faience Azur
-Faience Claire
-Faience Dark
-Faience Ocre

The menu icon has changed too to fit the branding of the Phinx Desktop.

Go ahead, download it for a spin and further testing.

Phinx Desktop 2012.3 RC1 Download

Make sure to check the md5sum after you downloaded the iso.

MD5SUM: 2369f281e189ea769a6cc43542cd9c95

All feedback is welcome on the forum:

RC1 Feedback topic

Enjoy and have fun testing.

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