Monday, February 20, 2012

The Phinx repo and the Xfce4 weather applet

Hello all,

After a huge delay and some other stuff i've been going through, i am back again to post news about the Phinx Desktop project. The update that i post below is almost a month old, sorry about that. But from now on i'll try to keep up with news again and post it as soon as news is available.

Kori finally got the repo populated with the current rpms. Please follow the instructions below to add it to your current Phinx install:

Open Thunar as root and goto /etc/apt and open your sources.list and paste the  line below at the bottom of the list:

rpm phinx/2012 athlon i586 noarch

When you have done that be sure to save the sources.list

Open Synaptic and go to Settings and then Repositories. Remove xfce4 from the PCLinuxOS repo but don't remove the PCLinuxOS repo itself!

Click ok , reload Synaptic and mark all xfce4 packages for reinstallation.
Click apply to install all files. 

Xfce4 Weather Applet:
Kori has also updated a few more applets to work with the latest xfce4 4.9 panel. One which he is especially pleased with is getting the weather applet semi functional.

It can only be installed manually at the moment: Instructions can be found here

This will allow the applet to be re-added to the panel and display the Weather for your local area. The only function missing is it will not populate the 5 day forecast. This is being worked on though.

Have fun, stay cool, tuned and until the next time peeps!

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