Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday PCLinuxOS!

Eight years ago, in October 2003, Texstar created a fork of Mandrake Linux 9.2. Texstar has since developed that fork independently into a full-fledged distribution that we all know as: PCLinuxOS.

I want to thank Texstar for this great and stable distribution that is also the base for the Phinx Desktop project. I believe without Textstar and PCLinuxOS this all wouldn't have been possible. Keep up the great job!

Happy 8th Birthday PCLinuxOS!!!!

PCLinuxOS then and now:


                                 20-12-2004 PCLinuxOS Preview 8

                 (I couldn't find a screenshot of the 2003 preview but i stumbled upon a screenie of the PCLinuxOS Preview 8.)


                                 27-06-2011 PCLinuxOS 2011.6

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