Monday, July 23, 2012

URL Changed Phinx Desktop Site and Repo Nam Change

A few days ago Kori let me know that the URL of the Phinx Desktop site had changed. With this Phinx has her own real home now on the web. The new URL is:

Ongoing with some changes are the looks of the website itself and.... the repo name changed too.

So it's very important to change it in Synaptic. Here are the steps how it's done:

1. Open Synaptic

2. Go to it's Settings and then click on Repositories

3. Highlight Phinx’s Repository containing the url

4. Edit the URL from cozmodesigns to phinxdesktop

5. Click OK, click Reload, Mark all Upgrades (to check for any updates available, if so click Apply to install them) and you're good to go again.

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